Thursday, November 10, 2005

Game 6, World Series, recap, notes and news.

Game 6, World Series, recap, notes and news.

Amazing 9th inning, with Brad Lidge(just not a postseason performer) helping the Portland Posse win the World Series in 6 games.

9th inning, Lidge now pitching, Portland Posse down 4-3.
Posada grounds a single between third and short Floyd strikes outWhite pinch hits for Jeter(like this would ever happen)White walks so we have two men on.Cruz,Jo lines a single to shallow center, Posada is sent home...........the tag...........out at the plate. Two outs now.White went to third, Cruz,Jo to second on the throw.But Lidge is shaken and walks Abreu on 5 pitches, bases now loaded.

Klesko is up. Klesko had doubled the previous game vs. Lidge, so he is removed for Fuentes, the lefty specialist to face Klesko.
Pinch hit for Klesko, nope. White was used, Nady & Flaherty were done for the series(10% rule), Sanchez wasn't listed as a PH.

Two quick strikes, but Klesko works the count to 2-2. The 2-2 pitch, grounded up the middle, diving stab by Jimenez,
he can't reach it, its a single up the middle. White scores, here comes Cruz,Jo, here's the throw, not in time. Portland wins, Portland wins.


Denver's Lidge had a 27.00 ERA for the World Series. He lost game 6, and In game 5 he allowed 3 walks and a double in the 9th to allow
Portland to tie the game.

Koskie was big in the playoffs for Portland with 5 HR's, 2 triples, 3 2B's, and 19 RBI's in the playoffs. Posada also had a good series with a 1.124 OPS for the playoffs. The whole pitching staff was great in the playoffs, with Zambrano and his 2.02 and 3 wins the star, followed closely by Lopez and his 2 wins and 1.93 ERA. Even better was the bullpen, which coming in was average at best. They finished 3-1 with 4 saves and an ERA of 1.73.

Great job in the playoffs Bill and Ed. Looking at the games I'll bet Bill had a great time watching the sims. I'm looking forward to next year. I can use some of that extra money I won as Jeter, Schmidt, Abreu, Koskie are all free agents(two will be restricted), and Wright decided to go get himself hurt.

Hmm, defending champions, has a nice ring to it. : )

Ken/Portland Posse