Tuesday, February 15, 2005

NABL News Re-Launched

The NABL re-launched the NABL News today, along with new features and accessibility that will make it incredibly easy for all owners to contribute.

The new NABL News will have a single username and password that will make it easy for any owner to post an article on the blog. You can reach the login page by clicking on the Blogger button at the bottom of the blog. The username is the league acronym, and the password is the name of the sport which we all love. Both are in lowercase. When you do post an article, I ask that somewhere either at the beginning or end you identify yourself, so everyone gets proper credit. I also ask that you do a little bit of editing to ensure proper grammar and spelling as best as possible.

Feel free to write analysis on trades, drafts, the current season or even a leaguewide ranking. Try to keep editorials to a minimum, and no gripes - we have the message board for that.


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